Pirana Fishing Lure Features

The open mouth intakes air and water into the hollow cavity which is discharged out through the gills. P100 Series: This hydrodynamic flow starts with a gulp of air at the surface creating a long burst of bubbles upon retrieval which sends an audible signal to lurking predators. P300 SERIES: Retrieval action forces water into the mouth and flushes it out through the gill slots recreating the enticing swimming sound and disturbance of a natural bait fish.


Holographic eyes act as a focal point for ambushing fish. The large pupils and reflective surround in a three dimensional half sphere bounce light in all directions to enhance the visual presentation.


The gill openings protrude outside the body in a concave scoop deflecting the flow of air and water out perpendicular to the body as the lure swims through the water. P100 SERIES: This action spreads the bubbles and simulates a struggling bait fish signaling an easy target for hungry predators. P300 SERIES: This flow-through action mimics the sound of a swimming bait fish, but with an enhanced audible disturbance to draw the big bass out of cover.


Metallic colors have been carefully chosen that are proven strike producers. Each lure features a glossy black top that transitions into a bright metallic scale pattern which fades into the titanium white underbody completing the
true-to-life appearance.


P100 SERIES: An angled lip is molded into the body structure designed to swim this top water ruckus-raiser in multiple styles controlled by jerk action and retrieval speed. P300 SERIES: The structural diver lip takes this unique crankbait deeper into the water column with some of the best swimming action seen in today’s lures.


This main feature sets Pirana apart from all other lures in the world. Add a scent trail to your Pirana’s jet trail by inserting a small piece of cut bait into the hollow cavity. One more reason Pirana out fishes other lures!


Ball bearings are sealed into a sonic welded chamber that has been tuned to produce just enough sound to provide a proven attractant without overwhelming interested predators..